Nazarishe Greetings to All!

Welcome to the web home of the Family Nazaroff!  It is a page dedicated to our long-lost uncle Nathan “Prince” Nazaroff.  The biggest Big Time Performer the Yiddish Streets and Stages ever forgot about!  We, his humble “heirs” have taken it upon us to bring his legacy to light and life.

Stay tuned here for more info about upcoming events by The Brothers Nazaroff, a traveling troupe of tumlers, troubadours, and tunesmiths, dedicated to their Prince.

There will also be a Brothers Nazaroff tribute record coming out soon from Smithsonian Folkways, who released the original Nazaroff’s record in 1954!

Until soon.  Zay Gezunt.  And let us see us at SIMKHES!

Di Brider Nazaroff


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